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Альтернативная медицина



Phytotherapy is one of the methods of treatment and rehabilitation of the body, which originated with the work of man and has been tested by time, which has reached us.

Plants, like humans, are a part of living things, they have the same universal laws and mechanisms that we have. Only living begets life.
Medicinal plants contain multicomponent biologically active substances. And each substance has both positive and negative properties.

 But in medicinal plants they are in a balanced state, otherwise they would be alive, and the negative properties of each substance are neutralized by the others.
And by this, phytopreparations differ from biological supplements, which use, in most cases, only the properties of individual substances. Medicinal plants, like humans, have energy shells, and during phytotherapy treatment, not only the physical, but also the energy shell of a person is restored.
According to the WHO expert assessment, 75% of all patients should be treated only with herbal preparations.



herbal preparations do not have the toxicity of chemicals;

side effects from herbal preparations are 8-10 times less frequent than from chemical synthesis;
herbal preparations can be used for a long time, especially in autumn and spring;

gifts of nature act more gently, biologically closer to the human body, than chemotherapy drugs;

many methods of using phytotherapy (insistence, obtaining decoctions, baths, inhalations, phytomassage, phytosauna, etc.) can be carried out with the direct participation of the patient, relatives and people around him.

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