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Перьевая ручка

My story

I graduated from Vinnytsia State Medical University in 1996 as a pediatrician,   I completed an internship in pediatric surgery at the National Medical University in 1999, and, like all young specialists, I had a standard medical mindset, as taught, and I did not suspect that the world is not limited only to generally accepted and generally understood processes and views, especially medical protocols, but the understanding of life and medical processes is much broader. Yes, protocol treatment is generally accepted for almost all diseases, but for some reason in practice, not all diseases are cured by default. And why? "It's a conspiracy," fans of conspiracy theory and an arrangement to maintain a state of permanent illness and sell more drugs will say. I am skeptical of these theories, although nothing is impossible in this world, I just know the essence of a doctor, being one, I understand that if there is an option to heal a person, then the doctor will definitely cure. Or maybe there is something else that prevents the protocols...
After completing the internship, I served in the army, initially as a medical doctor. point, then chief of medicine. point, and then the head of medicine. service of the regiment. And during my service, I was sent to the training ground, to new recruits, to prevent enterocolitis among young personnel. And like an ordinary doctor, I followed the protocols, but unfortunately, the effect was zero. Faced with a real failure, I was at a loss. Then, what is the treatment if the protocol treatment is ineffective? And after thinking about the problem, he went aside and sat down on the grass to think. And my paramedic, approaching me to inform me about the patient's condition, suddenly saw an herb that he had known since childhood, and told how his grandmother used this herb to treat diarrhea in his childhood. At first, like all doctors who received academic training, I was skeptical of his words, but somehow I decided to try it out for myself. And what was my surprise, the effect was amazing. What could not be cured by standard methods became possible with a simple herb. And then, something changed in my mind. The main thing is that I allowed myself to think outside of the standard way and to accept that everything that science has given us is only a part of the truth, but there is still something unknown that needs to be strived for. And after the army, he began to study: iridodiagnostics, phytotherapy, homeopathy, aromatherapy, and specialized in traditional and non-traditional medicine. In addition, in order to gain a deeper understanding of the body's system, he underwent specialization in pediatrics, gastroenterology, and ophthalmology. And in the course of my practice, I created my own cards for iridology, developed a method of creating collections, based on the etiopathogenesis of the disease, based on the cause, the mechanism of formation, the genetic capabilities of the organism (according to the features of the genotype), on the basis of the data of iridology, general clinical and biochemical analyzes and instrumental methods of research. And he developed a definition of the psychosomatic state of a person by iridodiagnostics. Each organism is a separate, unique universe, and knowledge of it will open doors to the still unknown possibilities of the organism.

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